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…the real intent behind so many claims to “settled science” is to avoid having to make your case. It’s an undemocratic technique for delegitimizing opposing views and saying “shut up” to dissenters

— Jonah Goldberg

“Everybody did it” ain’t getting it done.

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Hillary feels the sting on the WaPo

Washington Post editorial board HILLARY CLINTON’S use of a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 has been justifiably criticized as an error of judgment. What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it... read more

Let’s add the VA scandal to Obama’s “legacy” trophy case

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VA: making corpsmen in corpses

Jim Geraghty Beyond McDonald’s Idiotic Comment, Our System Is Still Failing Our Veterans Quite a few people are calling for the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald over this remark: During a Christian Science Monitor press event on Monday,... read more

Spin, spin, spin. After 4 years only 12 million use ObamaCare, and over 40% are not satisfied.

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ObamaCare fizzles after four years

Noam Levey in LAT, with this headline: Most Obamacare enrollees are satisfied with coverage, but worries over costs are rising Most Americans enrolled in health plans through the Affordable Care Act are happy with their coverage, despite persistent attacks on the... read more

Canadians behaving badly

This is what you get when you elect someone just because he’s handsome/cool. Anthony Furey in the Toronto Sun Where exactly do we begin here? It was quite a week for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At least we no longer have to keep asking “How much longer will... read more

Is anorexia also a civil right? Look at the photo before you answer.

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Must we call her chubby?

I always distrust hot trends, especially when pushed by progressives. But questioning “transgenderism”  has now been designated as hate speech. If a person with a penis believes himself female, we are supposed to tip our hats and say, “You go,... read more

The Pajama Boy White House

Meet the 30-somethings who are running our federal government By Victor Davis Hanson “Cleverness is not wisdom.” — Euripides, Bacchae What exactly has birthed the Pajama Boy aristocracy — our overclass of pretentious, inexperienced, and smug 30-something masters of... read more

Turkey’s thin skinned leader can’t take a joke. So when a German comic dared to mock him on German TV, he demanded the man be prosecuted under German law for insulting a foreign leader.

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Mock schnell!

Yep, Germany has such a law. And yep, Angela Merkel gave a nod to prosecutors to go after the man. Fortunately, plucky Brit Douglas Murray decided to sponsor, “The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition” and the nastier the better, scatology... read more

Obama’s lawless lackeys get chewed out by a judge

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They should all get a spanking

Joel Gehrke at WashEx A federal judge has ordered annual ethics classes for Justice Department attorneys as a punishment for being “intentionally deceptive” during litigation over President Obama’s executive immigration orders. “Such conduct is... read more

The case against Hillary Clinton for president is open-and-shut. Of course, against all these considerations you might prefer the newly fashionable and more media-weighty notion that if you don’t show her enough appreciation, and after all she’s done for us, she may cry.

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The Case Against Hillary Clinton

Written by the late Christopher Hitchens and published in Slate in 2008 Seeing the name Hillary in a headline last week—a headline about a life that had involved real achievement—I felt a mouse stirring in the attic of my memory. Eventually, I was able to recall how... read more

The founders turning in their graves might just cause an earthquake

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Big, dumb Obama government

Jim Geraghty Your wages may not be up. Your 401(k) may be sputtering along. The murder rate in the country’s largest cities jumped 13 percent in the past year. A Federal Reserve Board survey finds 49 percent of part-time workers would prefer to work more hours at... read more

The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

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California’s law-breaking regents

LA Times University of California regents Wednesday bemoaned what they called disappointing progress on efforts to increase diversity among students and faculty at the system’s 10 campuses. Last month, UC officials announced a 36.7% increase in admissions offers to... read more

Having no foreign policy experience, Obama made a 31-year old twerp his key advisor and ignored his cabinet.

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The dangers of a know-it-all president

Richard Fernandez at PJ Media The New York Times has an article describing how Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, sold fiction as truth in communicating the president’s foreign policy. Rhodes regarded the... read more

Read this long list of women Clinton either raped, fondled or humped while Hillary’s hubby

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Bubba’s grubby rap sheet

John Nolte at Breitbart While Bill Cosby is finally doing a long overdue perp walk for an alleged sexual assault some 10 years ago, and I say “long overdue” because dozens of woman claim he did the same to them over the decades, the dozen or so women who claim to be... read more

There is no small irony in this, given that the Democrats’ likely nominee, Hillary Clinton, is a proven security risk of a serious kind.

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Another oblivious twit raises his hand

Sometimes you just have to laugh. …news that Mr. Trump will soon be getting intelligence briefings has driven his critics to gloating on social media about what a security risk the likely GOP nominee is, based on his tendency to speak freely on almost any... read more

Economic growth soothes all ills and vice-versa

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Why Trump? Why Bernie? It’s the economy, stupid.

Louis Woodhill at Real Clear Markets On Friday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that 2015 U.S. real GDP (RGDP) growth was 2.38%. No matter what revisions are subsequently made, 2015 will have been the tenth year in a row that RGDP growth came in at... read more

Poor Barry: no one appreciates all the fine work he’s done saving the American economy. Bernie says things are bad, Hillary says things are bad and Trump, well, ya know.

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Who you gonna believe? Obama or your lyin’ eyes?

So the cool one’s having his feelings hurt. Andrew Ross Sorkin in NY Times Mag Two months ago, across an assembly-room table in a factory in Jacksonville, Fla., President Barack Obama was talking to me about the problem of political capital. His efforts to... read more

Obama the Oblivious

I almost spit my coffee reading this in today’s LA Times Obama warns Europe of the dangers of withdrawing from the world in a challenging age …challenged European nations on Monday to resist the forces that would divide their increasingly fragile union,... read more