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Of course “climate change” exists. Medieval farmers enjoyed the fruits of it. Vikings in Greenland cursed it.

We knew about climate change long before Al Gore earned his “D” in Natural Science and decided to become an expert on the subject.

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New attacks from climate bullies

Dr. Roy Spencer on the New York attorney general going after Exxon Mobil According to the Justin Gillis NYT story, the New York attorney general’s “investigation focuses on whether statements the company made to investors about climate risks as recently as this year... read more

“Free speech” with lots of buts

FoxNews A local high school cheerleading captain was disciplined after she sent out a tweet about illegal immigrants. She says it was a political statement, not a racial one. FOX25 spoke with the teen who says she was taking a page from Donald Trump. Caley Godino is a... read more

Many refugees are coming for economic reasons. If so, shouldn’t their economic impacts on host nations count for something?

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13% of Syrian refugees like ISIS

Gateway Pundit A poll released in November but ignored by the mainstream media shows a third of Syrian refugees do not want the Muslim terrorist group ISIS defeated. The survey results buttress concerns by the dozens of U.S. governors who have announced opposition to... read more

They ran out of bombs?

Via Betsy’s page Here’s a discouraging report about our fight against ISIS. American forces made one of their most effective hits against the Islamic State on Nov. 15, when U.S. planes destroyed 116 tanker trucks used by the terrorist organization to... read more

…the bureau isn’t presenting actual victims who have suffered harm. The regulators are simply guessing the race of borrowers based on their last names and addresses..

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Spank: Obama’s racial profiling on auto loans

“Disparate impact,” the invention of racism by statistic, gets a bipartisan rebuke. WSJ The progressive left hasn’t suffered many defeats in the Obama era, so the occasional setback for the cause of bigger and unlawful government is worth celebrating. Last... read more

Many of these [yoga] cultures…have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy, and we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves and while practicing yoga.”

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Downward, you oppressive dog!

Justin Moyer at the Washington Post In studios across the nation, as many as 20 million Americans practice yoga every day. Few worry that their downward dogs or warrior poses disrespect other cultures. But yoga comes from India, once a British colony. And now, at one... read more

Feinstein: “I don’t think the approach is sufficient to the job.”

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Democrat Diane Feinstein criticizes Obama’s ISIS policy

CBS News The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee has critical words for President Obama’s plan to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, or ISIL), saying the situation in the Middle East is only getting worse and the U.S. is running out... read more

Ideologue Elizabeth Warren fails to understand basic economics

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Warren’s war on corporations

WSJ Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) must be getting nervous about the chances of tax reform for U.S. businesses. On Wednesday she fired a shot across the bow of any Democrat tempted to consider lowering the highest corporate income-tax rate in the industrialized... read more

Obama and the media mocked Mitt Romney for his comments on Mali and Russia. He was right. And Obama was lying about AQ being on the run.

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Romney 2, Obama zero

T. Becket Adams at Washington Examiner Three years before masked gunmen stormed a hotel in the capital of Mali, killing at least 27 people early Friday morning, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was mocked by certain media figures for warning about the... read more

…the average federal employee earned $84,153 in 2014—roughly 50% more than the average worker in the private economy.

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Veterans died, 3 people fired (maybe)

Once upon a time, government work paid less but was steady. It’s still quite steady–almost no one gets fired for cause–and now the pay is way higher than the private sector. Mac Zimmerman at WSJ Here’s a story that is emblematic of life in... read more

His phony war on the Islamic State was always more about seeming to do something while running out the clock until his successor inherits his mess.

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Obama’s head fake

Jonah Goldberg: ‘You’re all suckers.” That has to be what Barack Obama is thinking as the country falls for his head-fake. Let’s recap. George W. Bush’s surge reduced the Islamic State’s precursor, al-Qaeda in Iraq, to a paltry 700 members, according to CIA director... read more

…journalists were welcome to cover the event if they agreed to explicitly state they supported the movement in their articles.

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Liberal fascists: Only compliant media allowed

Eugene Volokh in WaPo In an effort to create a safe space free from potential insensitivity from the news media, activists at Smith College barred reporters from covering a sit-in Wednesday that drew 300 to 500 students. “Insensitive” equals disagreement.... read more

…countries that have flourished with capitalism are compromising their future prosperity in the name of climate change

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Two religions threaten the world

First came the Islamo-fascist attacks in Paris. Next up for Paris are the climate talks, where fundamentalist green believers could enact policies that screw everyone–all the while believing they’re saving the world. Bjorn Lomborg in WSJ The United Nations... read more

She’ll bang you but it will hurt

NOVEMBER 19–The Tennessee woman who had a loaded gun hidden in her vagina when she was booked into jail last year has pleaded guilty to an assortment of criminal charges that will cost her several years in prison, court records show. Dallas Archer, 21, is... read more

Hillary just keeps making statements that make great anti-Hillary ads

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Hillary spews more anti-Hillary fodder

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton refused to say Thursday that President Obama misjudged the danger posed by ISIS when he called it the “JV team” of Islamic terrorism early last year, explaining that the label made sense “from the perspective of what they had... read more