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The same people who’ve mocked Barack Obama — rightly! — for years because he mispronounced corpsmen “corpse-men,” blithely whistle past the graveyard of Donald Trump’s lifeless intellect. The same people who mocked Barack Obama — rightly — for his vanity and arrogance, shiver with school-girl glee at Trump’s Brobdingnagian ego. The same people who’ve denounced Barack Obama’s unilateral statism — rightly — take it on faith that Donald Trump through his own force of will shall set the country aright with Stakhanovite strength. The double standard is so huge, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t see it from space.

–Jonah Goldberg

Poor Barry: no one appreciates all the fine work he’s done saving the American economy. Bernie says things are bad, Hillary says things are bad and Trump, well, ya know.

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Who you gonna believe? Obama or your lyin’ eyes?

So the cool one’s having his feelings hurt. Andrew Ross Sorkin in NY Times Mag Two months ago, across an assembly-room table in a factory in Jacksonville, Fla., President Barack Obama was talking to me about the problem of political capital. His efforts to... read more

Obama the Oblivious

I almost spit my coffee reading this in today’s LA Times Obama warns Europe of the dangers of withdrawing from the world in a challenging age …challenged European nations on Monday to resist the forces that would divide their increasingly fragile union,... read more

Democrats handed dictatorial power to one man via Dodd-Frank. It could have been worse: Queen Elizabeth Warren

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All hail King Cordray the 1st!

Here’s another textbook example of what conservatives regard as “big government.” In response to the mortgage meltdown, caused in large part by government policies, the Democrats pushed through the Dodd-Frank “reform” bill. It put... read more

Put this in Obama’s legacy trophy case

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Get Ready for Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017

Fiscal Times Amid rising drug and health care costs and roiling market dynamics, the spokesperson for the nation’s health insurers is predicting substantial increases next year in Obamacare premiums and related costs. Without venturing a specific percentage increase,... read more

…violent crime in cities with large black populations has shot up—homicides in the largest 50 cities rose nearly 17 percent in 2015. And the Left is once again denouncing the police—this time for not doing enough policing.

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Back to bedlam

Heather MacDonald in City Journal Will the anti-cop Left please figure out what it wants? For more than a decade, activists have demanded the end of proactive policing, claiming that it was racist. Pedestrian stops—otherwise known as stop, question, and frisk—were... read more

Get this: the UC Davis Chancellor is a 1% percenter.

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Why does college cost so much? Read on.

In 2011, a group of loudmouth “Occupy Wall Street” twerps refused to clear a sidewalk on the UC Davis campus. So a campus cop gassed them with pepper spray. This was blown in a big deal as the photo went viral. Bad PR, so Linda Katehi, the UC Chancellor... read more

There’s hardly anything significant left to deliver, other than results, so maybe something is wrong with the delivery system.

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After 87 months of Obama, why are young liberals demanding change?

Daniel Henninger With Hillary Clinton and the party machinery back on track to a now-tarnished coronation, it’s worth assessing what Bernie Sanders’s campaign accomplished. I still can’t take the Vermont Socialist himself seriously, not with Larry David as his... read more

…a cabal of radiation geneticists in the 1940s doctored their results, and even a Nobel Prize acceptance speech, to exaggerate the health risk from low-level radiation exposure.

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Ignoring science: Why “greens” want to kill nuclear power

Holman Jenkins, Jr. Green activists, some masquerading as attorneys general of New York and California, want to prosecute Exxon as a climate heretic. Its sin? Saying impeccably true things about climate science: The range of uncertainty is high. Climate models are not... read more

Russian reset, Putin style

Charles Krauthammer had the best analysis. Putin isn’t sending a message to the US, he’s sending a message to eastern European nations. And that message is “we’re strong, the US is weak.” With Obama in charge, who’s to argue?... read more

…I am evidently part of a communist-like party organization in Colorado that “stole” delegates from a doddering old Viagra ad who couldn’t be bothered to show up to speak or put together a ground game in a caucus state which voted a number of times, including on March 1, when any registered R was able to attend and vote.

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Jeff Goldstein (Protein Wisdom) barks back at the Trumpians crying foul about Colorado. If you are a Trump supporter you learned nothing from this site, nothing from me, nothing from conservatism, nothing from Classical Liberalism, nothing from constitutionalism,... read more

Not everyone welcomed the advice, with one Caracas resident telling Al Jazeera: “If the President thinks that not blow drying our hair is going to help, then the problem is far worse than we thought.”

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Oil rich (once) Venezuela short of energy

UK Independent The President of Venezuela has urged women to stop using hairdryers and offered alternative styling tips as the country’s energy crisis continues. Nicolas Maduro has announced a decree giving state employees Fridays off for two months as part of... read more

Bernie is praising New York for its total ban on hydraulic fracking. Let me rephrase that as a local political value. New York City to upstate New York: Drop dead.

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New York values, indeed

Daniel Henninger …The greatest moral issue in America is four decades of failed inner-city public schools. In New York, local liberals won’t lift a finger for minority-district schools in east Brooklyn, Harlem or the Bronx. Instead, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de... read more

The “great negotiator” can’t seem to master the rules of the game. How great is that?

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Can Matt Drudge and Trump read?

Jim Geraghty with an essential corrective to the nonsense being spewed by Trump bootlicker Matt Drudge. The headlines on Drudge this morning: SHOCK: Republicans cancel presidential election in CO . . . Voters burn registrations in protest . . . TRUMP: How is it... read more

The U.S. textile industry is also adding jobs for the first time in decades, albeit not in the kinds of textiles that are made into scarves. Technology for advanced materials—fabrics that are ultra lightweight or strong or flame resistant (ahem); that conduct electricity or contain digital sensors or even synthetic biological tissue—are revolutionizing manufacturing.

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Trump scarves: Made in China

WSJ …If Mr. Trump promises to restore American jobs supposedly lost to competition abroad, he’s unrepentant about offshoring his signature ties and Ms. Trump’s shoes and dresses. Foreigners, he said last month, “make it impossible for clothing makers in this... read more

Making it illegal to pay less than a given amount does not make a worker’s productivity worth that amount—and, if it is not, that worker is unlikely to be employed

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Liberals cannot repeal the law of supply & demand

Thomas Sowell Just as we can better understand the economic role of prices in general when we see what happens when prices are not allowed to function, so we can better understand the economic role of workers’ pay by seeing what happens when that pay is not allowed to... read more

The kids are not all right, and the world is much less safe.

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Obama’s true legacy: arrogant incompetence

Fox News’s Bret Baier aired excerpts of interviews with three former Secretaries of Defense under Obama, those being Leon Panetta, Robert Gates and Chuck Hagel. All told a similar story: Obama has let a small group of White House insiders, with no experience in... read more