Hillary voted against condemning the MoveOn.org “Betrayus” ad. This leaves Bill to finesse things. As Newsbusters reports, Willie went on CNN’s Situation Room and blasted Republicans as “disingenuous.”

“This was classic bait-and-switch…. These Republicans that are all upset about Petraeus – this is one newspaper ad. These are the people that ran a television ad in Georgia with Max Cleland, who lost half his body in Vietnam – in the same ad, with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. That’s what the Republicans did.”

Really? MoveOn called General Petraeus a liar and traitor. What did the Republicans say about Max Cleland? See for yourself:


Sounds to me like the ad was discussing Cleland’s voting record. If that’s off limits in a campaign ad, what’s left?

Remember, this is the ad that has Democrats whining that Republicans question their patriotism.

The issue in Cleland’s votes was the Department of Homeland Security. Bush had first resisted the idea of creating a new bureaucracy, then seized the issue from the Democrats and made it his own.

Democrats held things up because they wanted employees of the new bureaucracy to be unionized — that was the substance of Cleland’s no votes. The ad simply noted the stakes (Osama et al) and cited Cleland’s legislative record.

Democrats regularly accuse Republicans of wanting to destroy Earth, of not caring about children, of not caring about cripples and of not caring about black people in New Orleans.

If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it.