Charlies Rangel, the Democrat head of Congress’s tax writing committee, has already admitted to violating tax laws. Now this:

Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel took a “homestead” tax break on a Washington, DC, house for years while simultaneously occupying multiple rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, possibly violating laws and regulations in both cases.

The situation raises a number of potential problems for the congressman, including:

  • New York City law requires that tenants use rent-stabilized apartments as their primary residence. 
  • DC’s real Property Homestead Deduction Act also requires that a property receiving the benefit be a primary residence. 
  • Tax lawyers told The Post that a property owner cannot have two primary residences – or take advantages provided to primary residences at two different addresses simultaneously. 
  • DC’s law also requires that the owner of a property benefiting from the tax break be a personal-income taxpayer in DC. District law exempts members of Congress from paying personal DC income tax, but they must pay property tax.

Were he a Republican, this would be front-page news and a hot topic of TV talkers.