True “progressive” that he is, Obama fails to see progress. This stuck-in-the-past aspect is one of the amusing ironies of the Left. They inhabit a world that never gets better.

In any case, he’s formed a “White House Council on Women and Girls” to look into the serious problems of women in our society.

“I’ve seen Michelle, the rock of the Obama family, juggling work and parenting with more skill and grace than anybody that I know,” Obama said. “But I also saw how it tore at her at times, how sometimes when she was with the girls she was worrying about work, and when she was at work she was worrying about the girls. It’s a feeling that I share every day.”

Well, duh, sometimes you can get by on one income. It happens.

For single moms, it’s truly difficult. But why are there so many single mothers? Bad personal choices, and bad welfare (progressive) policies that encouraged illegitimacy. Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted the problem in the early 1960s.

Obama cited statistic to back up his case: Women earn just 78 cents for every dollar men make; 1 in 4 women still experiences domestic violence; women are 49 percent of the work force but only 3 percent of Fortune 500 chiefs.

Wife beating is no joke, but there are laws against that, no? And why mention that in the same sentence with the bogus notion that women are systematically underpaid?

If women truly did the same job for 78 cents on the dollar, employers would be hiring them and showing men the door. That’s why illegals take away jobs from citizens — they work for less.

Thomas Sowell:

The grand fallacy of our times is that various groups would be equally represented in institutions and occupations if it were not for discrimination. This preconception has undermined, if not destroyed, the crucial centuries-old legal principle that the burden of proof is on the accuser.

Wal-Mart is only the latest in a long series of employers who have been hit with charges of discrimination on the basis of statistical differences among members of their workforce — differences between women and men in this case.

Back during the 1980s a similar charge was brought against Sears, even though no one could find a single woman in all the hundreds of Sears stores who had been discriminated against — just numbers that were different as between women and men.

When you broke down the numbers, it turned out that women were not equally represented among people who sold automotive equipment or construction materials. It also turned out that many women had no interest in selling automotive equipment or construction materials, and had turned down opportunities to do so.

Does Obama know that 57% of all college students today are women?

Does he know that 75% of veterinary students today are women?