Flynn Files:

“Shut up and sing” applies to conservative entertainers as well as liberals. Hank Williams Jr.’s comparison of the president of the United States with the leader of the Third Reich was way over the top.

In the wake of the furor over the comments about the furor, ESPN removed the “Are You Ready for Some Football?” jingle from its Monday Night Football broadcast. Censorship? I don’t think so. Political correctness? Not even that, either. If George W. Bush were president, my sense (hope?) is that the same rules of civility would apply.

The country music singer’s Monday Night Football ditty has become iconic, so I am sorry to see it go. But when you make off-the-wall remarks about a bumbing, in-over-his-head, misguided president being the equivalent of a mass murderer on an incomprehensible scale, you should expect your employer not to want to associate with you if you enjoy a high-profile gig. Williams should apologize and ESPN should take him back–or at least his song.

If invoking “patriotism” is the last refuge of a scoundrel, shouting “Hitler” is the first impulse of a moron.