Lefty Glenn Greenwald isn’t happy with Obama leaking details of his hands-on war on terror:

…now we have the spectacle of Obama’s “senior administration officials” boasting to David Sanger about the details of this highly classified program and Obama’s heroic seizing of the mantle (“From his first days in office, he was deep into every step in slowing the Iranian program — the diplomacy, the sanctions, every major decision,” a senior administration official said. “And it’s safe to say that whatever other activity might have been under way was no exception to that rule”). In other words: Dear Vital Jewish Voters in Crucial Swing States: behold what this great leader did in secret to pummel Iran.

Does anyone doubt that if a government official had leaked information about this cyber virus that reflected poorly on rather than glorifying the Commander-in-Chief — disclosing, say, ineptitude, corruption or illegality — that they would be harshly prosecuted? If anyone does doubt that, just consider the Obama administration’s ongoing efforts to prosecute former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling under espionage statutes for allegedly telling The New York Times‘ James Risen — almost ten years ago — about dangerous mistakes the CIA made in trying to infiltrate Iran’s nuclear program (mistakes which actually resulted in helping the Iranian program).

So exposing classified national security information is an act of criminal evil when done by a whistleblower to expose high-level error or abuse, or to a court trying to assess the legality of the President’s actions. But it is an act of great nobility when done to venerate the President as a strong and tough warrior. That’s the manipulative, propagandistic game-playing this administration exploits with its secrecy powers and whistleblower prosecutions.

There’s one last point meriting consideration. Note how eager Obama officials are to use leaks to tout his militaristic aggression. He ended bin Laden and Awlaki’s lives. He personally picks the drone targets and aggressively piles up Terrorist corpses. He himself commanded the unleashing of the world’s first military attack using cyber-weapons.