William Jacobson on lefties claiming neo-c0ns are inventing Syrian WMD.

From a diarist at Daily Kos:

For anyone who remembers the WMD story hat started the war in Iraq, they may soon have a deja vu! …

Aha! A dictator with WMDs again. Time for war right? For anyone who forgot the Iraq movie, it seems that there is a repeat of the movie starting in the Wall Street Journal.

It also seems that some people really love wars. After months of an intense propaganda to obviously push for a new intervention and war in Syria, in support of the Saudi backed rebels, it seems that now we have another WMD story.

From a community blog post at Current.com:

The next step is for the US media to claim that the country has, or is willing to obtain “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD).

In this case the lie/distortion of WMD’s using Israeli sources and Israeli intelligence sources operating out of the Pentagon is now being claimed about Syria.

Where have we heard this story before?

From the Assad regime, via USA Today, Syria says it will use chemical weapons if attacked:

The Syrian regime threatened Monday to use its chemical and biological weapons in case of a foreign attack, in its first ever acknowledgement that it possesses weapons of mass destruction.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi stressed, however, that Damascus would not use its unconventional arms against its own citizens. The announcement comes as Syria faces international isolation, a tenacious rebellion that has left at least 19,000 people dead and threats by Israel to invade to prevent such weapons from falling into rebel hands.