Mark Steyn

…A few years ago, attempting to impose a “European constitution” upon the Continent, the Eurocrat elite took to warning their dull-witted peoples that if they were impertinent enough not to support their betters they’d be on a one-way ticket back to the concentration camps. “I’ve been in Auschwitz and Yad Vashem,” the Dutch prime minister, Jan-Peter Balkenende, warned the Netherlands before the referendum. “The images haunt me every day. It is supremely important for us to avoid such things in Europe.”

The idea that it’s a choice between an unreadable hyper-statist laundry list or the gas chambers seemed a wee bit overheated. But to their credit (not an expression I have occasion to use very often re the Europeans) the Dutch and even the French rejected this ludicrous rationale. And, to be fair, death camps and Nazi occupation are all well within living memory. Now the vice president is telling Americans it’s a choice between Obama-Biden multi-trillion-dollar shop-till-you-drop spend-till-you-end government . . . or 19th-century slavery. Swing low, sweet vice-presidential chariot.

For the record, Obama has already made $716 billion in Medicare cuts to pay for Obamacare. That’s three-quarters of a trillion. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was in Ottawa last week asking Her Majesty’s Canadian Government to chip in for the euro-zone bailout. The euro zone includes some of the richest nations in history, but it’s still not enough. And the entire euro-zone bailout is $450 billion — or a little over half the cost of the first Obama stimulus. Under Obama’s no-plan plan, there’s not enough money on the planet.

Underneath the poseur narcissism, the half-wit demagoguery, and the 13-figure innumeracy is bleak reality: a flatline economy, underwater property, declining social mobility, half the population getting a check each month from the government and with minimum-wage service jobs as the only alternative to long-term dependency…