Elizabeth Warren, the leftist Democrat (Obama actually stole “you didn’t build it” from her) is running for what Democrats call the “Ted Kennedy” seat in the Senate.

Republican Scott Brown currently sits in that seat.

How did a Senate seat become “Ted’s”?

When his big brother, JFK won the presidency, his Senate seat needed to be filled. Because Ted was not yet 30, and thus ineligible, the Kennedys rigged things so that another man would keep it warm for him. Then the Kennedy money and machine did the rest.

Now Warren, seizing the stupid rape remarks of Todd Akin, is trying to paint Scott Brown as anti-woman:

“Scott Brown and other Republicans want to pretend Todd Akin is an isolated individual, but he is clearly in line with the Republican agenda,” Warren said in a statement.

And what, according to Warren, is that agenda?

“To limit access to health care. . . to select a vice presidential nominee someone who co-sponsored legislation with Rep. Akin to ‘redefine rape,’ ” Warren says.

Got that, ladies? Forget Brown’s record, forget his denunciation of this Akin dope, forget how he’s actually lived his entire life: Scott Brown hates women! He’s soft on rape! Run before he molests you himself!

If you actually believed what Democrats preach about money in politics, about inherited wealth and the mistreatment of women, then you’d expect them to repudiate all things Kennedy.


  • None of the Kennedy heirs have actually created wealth. They just spend it, often to buy influence and elections.
  • JFK was a notorious womanizer who didn’t just cheat, but brought hookers into the White House, and dated the girlfriend of a notorious mobster.
  • Bobby Kennedy also cheated on his wife
  • Ted Kennedy not only cheated on his wife, he got a young female intern killed and ran from the scene. Ted continued to cheat and to treat women like a pig. According to Carrie Fisher, he tried to get her in bed with Christopher Dodd. Read the late Michael Kelly’s article in GQ: A Sober Look at Ted Kennedy”

Of course, the Democrats revere the Kennedys. Just as they do Bill Clinton, serial cheater, fondler, liar and accused rapist of Juanita Broaddrick.

Given the history of Democrat politicians spreading their seed with animal abandon, no wonder they want the government to pay for their contraceptives.