Do you remember how George W. Bush had soiled our national reputation. Why Frenchmen on the street had bad things to say about America. Imagine that.

But Obama was going to restore the world’s love for us, starting with Muslims. He took that showy trip to Egypt to prove how much the new boss was different from the old boss.


After four years of Barack Obama’s diplomatic ‘leadership’ and billions of dollars in attempted friendship aid, a new public opinion poll reveals that 92% of Pakistanis now disapprove of the United States.

The results could have been worse. Not much. But a little. Fully four Pakistanis out of 100 do approve of the United States, President Obama and his policies. They, however, seem to keep kind of quiet about their views in that rowdy land. That’s the lowest favorable rating Pakistan’s citizens have ever given their ostensible North American ally.