Yesterday was colonoscopy day.

After the procedure my wife drove me home. We talked about the giant screen TV they used to view my colon, and other topics. Having fasted for 24 hours, I ate an ice cream bar and a bowl of cereal. Then I turned on the TV and watched some of Jimmy Kimmel recorded the night before. Next I went online, answered some emails and bought a new Bosch electric drill, a “Gold Box Special” from Amazon.

After that, I took a long nap.

When my wife returned from work, I started to tell her about the giant screen TV in the operating room and she said I’d already told her about that on the ride home. At that point I realized I did not remember getting dressed, leaving the surgery center, riding home, eating the ice cream or watching Jimmy Kimmel.

I did remember the drill. It was a really good deal and I really do need it.

They warn patients not to drive for 24 hours. Maybe they should add something about using the Internet.