I’m a sucker for newspaper advice columns.

One story I find repeatedly is the woman who just can’t admit her boyfriend/husband is a brutal jerk.

He beats her, ignores her, insults her before her friends and family. Over and over.

Still, she goes out of her way to find evidence that he truly loves her and doesn’t really mean those cruel words or body blows.

I get that sense watching Obama and the new “moderate” quasi-leader of Iran. Iran’s president is not the real leader of the Islamist state, the mullahs are.

So after decades of vicious anti-American rhetoric, support for anti-west terrorism, vicious anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, suddenly Iran is willing to forgo developing nuclear weapons.

And they want to talk on the phone! Ooooh, maybe the regime really isn’t evil.

The timing is interesting. Putin just humiliated Obama on the world stage, showing him up as weak. All the fancy word dancing of Obama and his media supplicants does not fool the brutal jerks of the world. They look at Obama and see a leader who can be rolled.

Given Obama’s outsized ego, he’s probably blind to this. He sees a chance to make history as the peace-making president whose intelligence and calm demeanor defanged a dangerous regime.

For all their faults, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were masterful in thawing relations with the Red Chinese. They understood the world.

Obama and his team of amateurs do not.