Opposing opinions are not tolerated by those who fancy themselves as tolerant. LA Times

Multiple employees of Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, have asked new Chief Executive Brendan Eich to step down for his support of Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment that disallowed the marriage of same-sex couples.

Mozilla appointed Eich as its CEO after operating under an interim chief for more than a year. Before that, Eich had served as Mozilla’s chief technology officer since 2005. He is best known for creating JavaScript, a widely used programming language.

Eich sparked controversy in 2012 when a $1,000 donation he made back in 2008 in support of Proposition 8 was brought to the tech world’s attention. Eich was able to weather the storm, but his appointment this week has resurfaced the issue.

Intimidate free speech. Scare off political opponents for the next round. Pure thuggishness