Bugatti 2014-56

Bugatti Type 57SC

This is a photo I took yesterday at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard. There were only three of these Bugatti cars ever built. Ralph Lauren owns one, a second was destroyed when it stalled on railroad tracks and the third is at the Mullin.

Peter Mullin reportedly paid $35 million for this car in 2010. Jay Leno owns a replica.

You can see much better images at the museum’s very, very cool website. The current exhibit is The Art of Bugatti and covers multiple generations of this gifted family.

For a detailed review of the exhibit, there’s this from the WSJ:

There have been many exhibits on Bugatti, but none quite like the one now at the Mullin Automotive Museum. “The Art of Bugatti” looks not only at the gorgeous cars that defined the Art Deco movement’s marriage of art and design, but at the Bugatti family itself—Italians whose story often gets lost in the glare of the headlights of their fabulous French creations.

“If you think about it, there has been no other family like them in the past 500 years—with multiple generations that have had such influence on art and design,” said Peter Mullin, an insurance billionaire and collector who has a soft spot for the Art Deco period and its pieces. You could debate that, but what’s not disputable is the depth and breadth of this exhibit, which features 27 Bugatti automobiles, the single-largest collection of the luxurious marques ever displayed (many of them from Mr. Mullin’s private collection), and a thorough history of the family told through paintings, sculptures, furniture, manuscripts, design sketches and other heirlooms, some on display to the public for the first time…

Don’t miss it.