This film arrived from Netflix and sat on the shelf for two weeks because neither of us remembered anything about it, and it was 2 hours 22 minutes long.

When we finally watched it Saturday night, we were astonished at how good this was. Silly me, I just discovered it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film last year.

Kenneth Turan wrote this in the LAT:

As its name promises, “The Great Beauty” is drop-dead gorgeous, a film that is luxuriously, seductively, stunningly cinematic. But more than intoxicating imagery is on director Paolo Sorrentino’s mind, a lot more.

One of Italy’s most impressive contemporary filmmakers, Sorrentino has a superb sense of how to fill a wide screen and, working with his longtime cinematographer Luca Bigazzi, a wizard with camera movement, his visuals display the intoxicating richness of color 35-millimeter film in a way few contemporary ventures can match. When Sorrentino says in the press notes that “a single shot, if well thought out and balanced, can enthrall and say more than ten pages of dialogue,” he’s as good as his word.