…to stuff in his mouth. This week alone he offended Jews by referring to bankers as “shylocks.”

Today, as part of the Democrat outreach to women, Biden:

At a women’s conference on Friday, Biden reminisced about good ol’ days when Republicans like Sen. Bob Packwood served.

Packwood, you may remember, resigned in 1995 after 10 women accused him of sexual harassment.

Nonetheless, no media types are ready to remind Americans that the most popular Democrat in America, namely Bill Clinton, was a serial cheat, an uninvited breast fondler and an accused rapist. Lucky for Clinton he didn’t do this on a college campus today.

Just like they never reminded Americans that Teddy Kennedy, their Lion of the Senate, was a philanderer who got an intern drowned and ran off like a coward, and who sexually harassed women in Washington for years.