Bernard Goldberg

…should Ray Rice have gotten a virtual death penalty for what he did? If the prosecutor wanted to haul him in front of a jury I would have had no problem with that. If the jury found him guilty and the judge sentenced him to prison, again, no problem. But taking his livelihood away indefinitely strikes me as excessive.

Even the fans who wore Ray Rice jerseys to the Ravens next home game said what he did was wrong, that he should be punished, but as one fan said, it’s wrong to pretend he no longer exists.

The media, of course, have been showing their moral outrage over domestic violence in the NFL. They might have a tad more credibility (with me, anyway) if they did a few stories about domestic violence in the media. I’ll bet it’s at least as bad as in the NFL after you factor in gender and age.

In fact, there’s at least one report that says domestic violence is lower in the NFL than in the young, male population at large. The New York Times ran a big story about how, in the wake of the Ray Rice story, female sports reporters are finally being heard.

Except I haven’t heard any of these supposedly strong, courageous women talk about Hope Solo, the U.S. women’s superstar soccer goalie, who continues to play despite the fact that she is scheduled to go on trial in November for assaulting her sister and nephew at a party. I understand that women’s soccer isn’t in the same league as the NFL in the United States. And I also understand that a woman, generally speaking, doesn’t inflict as much damage as a man.

Still, I get the impression that a lot of this outrage, especially in the liberal media, is really about furthering the agenda of liberal feminists. Or else, when they talk about how bad domestic violence is, they’d say a few words about women who beat men. And it’s not just Hope Solo. The Centers for Disease Control did a survey a few years back, and guess what: 40 percent of domestic violence victims in the United States … are men.

And you can bet that male victims under report attacks. Can you imagine the shame of admitting a girl beat you up?