Chris Stirewalt at Fox News:

More than 16 months after the IRS targeting scandal first came to light, there have still been no criminal charges lodged despite revelations of missing evidence, further proof of strong political bias in selecting targets and muddled answers from the agency about cooperating with congressional investigators.

Meanwhile, the team Holder tapped to investigate has not exactly inspired confidence about tenacity and impartiality. So rather than resolving the matter, all of the attention to the still-unresolved corruption claims has mostly served to advertise the possibility of political punishment for administration foes.

Having a reputation for a corrupt and partisan IRS, deserved or not, is the political equivalent of a football team having a reputation for dirty hits and cheap shots on defense: Whether it’s is true or not, the other guys still flinch. Practically speaking, this is a bad reputation that is good to have. And rather than blowing the whistle, Holder has seemed very content to run out the clock.