When my young kids would drop something in the kitchen and I’d come to investigate, they’d point at the mess and say, “It fell.” Just like that, on its own, the jelly jar fell to the floor.

Which brings us to the Secret Service head (a woman boss? It’s allowed?) Julia Pierson, testifying before Congress yesterday:

“It is self evident that mistakes were made.”

Sure, such as letting a knife-wielding nut penetrate deep into the White House before being accidentally discovered and apprehended. Then lying about how far he got?

Or letting a felon packing heat ride on an elevator with President Obama?

Yes, those mistakes were made.

I do have sympathy for the Secret Service. I recall meeting an agent in Miami assigned to protect long retired President Ford and commiserating about the tedium of the assignment. It’s not easy.

Once I worked road construction, building I-95 between Washington and Baltimore. As a laborer, at times was assigned to serve as a flagman. It was so excruciatingly boring — sometimes ten minutes would elapse before a car would pass–that my mind had wandered so far off task that I caused a couple of near accidents.