President Obama’s ignorant (see post above) recitation of America’s sins in relation to ISIS, only helps those who want to paint the USA in a bad light.

It has worked in the past. Stalin had a problem with the USA. The grand theory of international communism was that it wasn’t just right, it was inevitable.

But there stood America, with all its faults and prejudices, opening the door to millions of immigrants, to the masses voting with their feet. So Stalin enlisted the aid of one Willi Munzenberg, a German communist, to tarnish America’s reputation.

Munzenberg was a master propagandist. One of his first deeds was convincing the world that two convicted murderers, Sacco and Vanzetti, were victims of a supposed xenophobic America–just two innocent guys railroaded because they were foreigners.

Sure enough, on the day the two were executed, there were mass rallies in capitols across the world, held in sympathy for the killers, and against the USA.

The idea stuck. I remember the case of Sacco and Vanzetti from high school history, where it was included as part of a unit on xenophobia.