Bernard Goldberg on the Rolling Stone phony rape story.

…something has been missing from the stories I’ve seen. We know that Jackie made the whole thing up. So shouldn’t there be outrage over the pain and suffering she caused? Incredibly, the editor of the article, Sean Woods says Rolling Stone was unfair – to Jackie. “Ultimately, we were too deferential to our rape victim,” Woods told the Columbia University investigators.

Rape victim?  Who’s he talking about?  Jackie lied, remember?

Then he said, “We honored too many of her requests in our reporting. We should have been much tougher, and in not doing that, we maybe did her a disservice.” (Emphasis added)

So Rolling Stone believes it did Jackie a disservice — and not that Jackie did a lot of innocent people a disservice? Is this a joke?

No, worse.

Journalists who are rightly bashing Rolling Stone apparently don’t want to discuss the role of political correctness in all of this. Liberal journalists and academics don’t want to put a supposed victim of rape in the crosshairs even when she’s not really a victim of rape. Jackie isn’t talking. She didn’t cooperate with Columbia University or the police who investigated her story. She’s the elephant in the room and just about everybody in the world of journalism is making believe Rolling Stone is the one and only villain.

…That’s because in a liberal PC culture, women are seen as victims of male oppression. So what if Jackie wasn’t really raped? A mere technicality. She could have been.  After all, rape on America’s college campuses is a “plague” —  a word used by a former Washington Post ombudsman on CNN.  Except, that’s another lie.  There is no plague.  There is no epidemic of campus rape.  Google “Myth of Campus Rape” and you’ll quickly find serious thinkers, scholars like Heather MacDonald and Christina Hoff Sommers, who put a lie to that piece of feminist propaganda.

Which brings up the other elephant in the room: the Obama administration, which has been promoting the phony 1 in 5 campus rape statistic, which is contradicted by its own DOJ. All this is part of power grab by Team Obama to put colleges under their thumb by inventing a rape crisis.

Shame on them for raping the truth. And shame on Big Baloney for not covering the truth.