We saw the progressive mob attack Indiana over its religious freedom law, with Apple declaring itself against the state. This despite Apple doing business in Saudi Arabia and other nations where women are little more than chattel.

But this one slipped by: Germany!

From an article about the 65-year old woman pregnant with quadruplets.

…Raunigk, who has 13 other children, the oldest of whom is 43, was too old to be considered for IVF treatment in Germany. Laws on reproductive medicine are much stricter there than in other countries, and include a ban on egg donation and a restriction on the number of eggs that can be implanted. There is a certain nervousness governing anything to do with the manipulation of embryos, partly due to the use of eugenics during the Nazi era.

The criteria for who is considered eligible for IVF are also strictly controlled and exclude, for instance, lesbian couples, meaning that thousands of Germans travel abroad each year for treatment. There are no restrictions on them doing so.

So sic ’em, folks. Germans discriminate against lesbians.

Meanwhile, why did Granny decide to become mommy for the 14th time (the quads being a surprise)?

Raunigk said she had taken the decision after her youngest daughter, Lelia, nine, asked her for a sibling.

What, the other 12 weren’t enough?