Amina Khan in the LA Times interviews…

Kate Johnston, a co-founder of the Women’s Center for Creative Work. Since 2013, the center has roamed Los Angeles without a permanent home, whipping up projects such as the Feminist Library on Wheels, a bookcycle offering a crowd-sourced collection of feminist writing.

In the space of a tweet, what is feminism?

To paraphrase bell hooks, feminism is the process that works to dismantle the imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.

Without capitalism, Kate would spend her days doing manual work (as would the men) because the modern world would not exist.

Instead, the riches of capitalism allow her the freedom to spend her time spouting such nonsense as this:

What is it with you and the L.A. River?

The L.A. River is an in-between space: between pavement and nature, between freeway and railroad tracks, between beautiful and abject. In-between spaces are generative; new ideas can slip in where things are not fully formed.

I think most men and women who regard themselves as feminists want only for women to enjoy the same rights as men. Alas, Kate’s definition seems to hold among the loudest and shrillest voices, which is why many reasonable women shy away from the feminist label.