Two weeks ago I heard something tapping at my office window. I didn’t see what it was at first, but then after many repeat visits –and when I say many, I mean 20-30 daily– I identified the culprit as a Spotted Towhee.

Spotted Towhee-1

They are beautiful birds, and until this spring, difficult for me to photograph. I could hear them in the trees with their toe-wheeeeeeeeee! cry, but seldom spot them.

Apparently, they created a nest in my yard, and the male’s job is to scare off all interlopers. That includes his own reflection.

Spotted Towhees are one of five bird species especially prone to confusing their own reflections with a rival. So my window looks like another bird to him and he’s been doing his best to mau-mau him away.


Here’s my view from my office window.


Recently  he discovered our bedroom windows and the side mirrors on our cars–the rivals just keep coming! Time for his game face.