SoCawlege has tracked the social media comments from a lunatic fringe professor. Just think: kids/parents go into massive debt to be exposed to clowns like this woman. Follow the link for the full extent of this woman’s hateful nonsense.

And guess what? She don’t know much ’bout history.

Saida Grundy is an “incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University”, according to her bio on BU’s African American Studies Department’s website. Among other things, she is an active Twitter user, having racked up over 57,000 tweets.

It would be beyond a chore to go through everything that she has ever put on Twitter, however, we at SoCawlege went through her timeline for just the past three to four months. And if that was any indication, BU has a problem on their hands.

First, the factual errors: