Team Obama has pitched the idea that his presidency will go down in history as transformative, like Reagan’s. Transformative can be good or bad. Stalin was transformative. Putin is being transformative.

Let’s examine the facts:


  • Passed an historic tax reform with a Democrat controlled Congress by working with the other party. He didn’t make snide comments such as, “Democrats aren’t bad, at least not all of them.”
  • Took over an economy in far worse shape than Obama’s. Inflation was raging, interest rates were sky high (I paid 17% for a mortgage and got a good deal) and the outgoing president was declaring this the new normal. His policies, ridiculed as trickle down economics, led to an economic boom that lasted, except for an 8-month downturn, until the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency.
  • Played a smart and firm hand against the Soviet Union, with policies that eventually led to the dissolution of the evil empire. Think “evil” is hyperbole? International communism killed 100 million people and compelled millions more to live stunted lives for five decades.
  • Reignited optimism in the American people about the United States, bolstered our position abroad.


  • Passed an historic healthcare law without one GOP vote, violating the first rule of governance which is to bring the opposition party along on large matters. Because it was passed with trickery, it was sloppy. He also sold the law to the public with lies, and even then the public didn’t like the law.
  • Has used the federal government to bully his political opponents.
  • Has surrendered the upper hand in foreign policy to Russia, Syria, Iran and Cuba, to name just a few. He’s punished or ignored our allies and sucked up to our enemies. No one trusts the USA to keep its word.
  • He bungled Iraq and now we have ISIS
  • Obama claims he saved the American economy, banking system and auto industry. But TARP was passed by Bush (with no GOP support) and Bush started the auto bailout. Obama took office in January 2009 and by mid-year the recession was technically over. Nothing he did bore on that.
  • Unlike Reagan, the economy has limped along for the rest of Obama’s presidency.

And let’s not forget, Reagan handled his office with grace and dignity.