There’s one born every minute.


An American animal psychic claims that Cecil the Lion has spoken to her and given instructions on how to deal with his death.

Cecil, a 13-year-old lion in Zimbabwe who was killed by a hunter in early July, apparently moved self-proclaimed ‘animal communicator’ Karen Anderson to tears with his message.

Anderson posted on her Facebook that she ‘wanted to let him know how loved and honored he is’ when she made contact with the protected animal whose death has caused outrage towards Minnesota dentist and hunter Walter Palmer.

According to Anderson, Cecil said.

‘“Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do then we become one of them. Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward. What happened does not need to be discussed as it is what it is.

Take heart my child, I am finer than ever, grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth or our soul. Ever. I am here. Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this.”