burt_small.thumbnailThere is a very good reason why Obama declared that the Faustian deal he and John Kerry made with Iran is not a treaty, but simply an agreement. If it were a treaty, according to the Constitution, it would require the consent of two-thirds of the Senate. This way, once the Senate rejects it, Obama will only require the votes of 34 Democrats to override their rational objection.

The question is how and why the GOP-controlled Senate allowed him to get away with this vile example of political legerdemain.

In a sane universe, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wouldn’t be trusted to lead a group of baby ducks across a country road. The real tragedy is that the Senate Republicans did as lousy a job in electing their leader as America did when twice electing ours.

When Ted Cruz called McConnell a liar because he first swore he would prevent the re-funding of the Import Export Bank before breaking his word, the other GOP bigwigs in the Senate, instead of saying “Amen!” rallied to McConnell’s defense. When you get right down to it, the only real difference between McConnell and Harry Reid is that Reid was slightly more effective when it came to promoting Obama’s agenda.

In the world of sports and entertainment, a great deal of attention is lavished on people who have made extraordinary comebacks, people like baseball’s Alex Rodriguez this season and Hollywood’s John Travolta in the early 90s. However, nothing can compare to that of John Kerry.

It wasn’t that long ago that Kerry was joined at the hip and the lip with Jane Fonda when it came to excoriating America’s military. Kerry even pretended to throw his medals –including the phony Purple Hearts — over the wall of the Pentagon. It later came out that those were other people’s medals. The big fraud had his own medals framed and hung on the wall of his Senate office.

But today he is America’s Secretary of State, a position once held by the likes of John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, James Madison and James Monroe. In more recent times, it has morphed into something along the lines of an ambassadorship to a place like Luxembourg, a political favor bestowed on such mediocrities as Kerry, Colin Powell, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton.

In the recent furor brought on by the gruesome videos starring Planned Parenthood spokeswomen, one question continues to be overlooked: Why, after decades of sex education in our schools and many inexpensive means of avoiding pregnancy, a million abortions a year are still taking place. The fact that all these years after Roe v. Wade, the biggest abortion mill in America is still in business suggests that we are handling the problem of unwanted pregnancies in the worst way possible.

For openers, anyone who still hasn’t figured out how babies are created should be institutionalized for their own safety. They are simply too dumb to be allowed to walk around. They are the sort of dimwits who stick hairpins in electric sockets and try to iron their clothes while wearing them.

If locking them up strikes you as too drastic, how about sterilizing those who have abortions? Moreover, because I believe in gender equality, I would charge the sperm donor for the cost of the procedure. I would also give him a choice of jail time or paying for his own vasectomy.

Understand, I am not a prude. But I am sick and tired of paying for other people’s mistakes.

Comedian/political pundit Jackie Mason observed that “In New York, agents of the Health Department can enter any restaurant at any time and conduct an inspection. However, the international inspectors have to give Iran 24 days’ notice before entering a nuclear facility. So while we’re not protected from a bomb, we are protected from a bad tuna fish sandwich.”

As some of you know, whereas I welcomed Donald Trump into the race because I like gadflies, his trashing of POWS was a bridge too far even for me. And while I don’t always object to loose cannons, it seems to me that if you’re running for the GOP nomination, you might occasionally train those cannons on the Democrats.

But the question when it comes to Donald Trump is what he is, aside from being an Olympic-class flip-flopper. After all, in 1999, he left the GOP because “I just believe the Republicans are just too crazy right.” Back then, he was considering running as the Reform Party candidate in 2000. That was the party created by Ross Perot back in 1992, when his presence on the ballot helped get Bill Clinton elected.

In 2001, Trump became a Democrat because “It seems to me that the economy does better under the Democrats.”

In 2009, he once again joined the GOP, but the honeymoon only lasted until 2011, when he decided he was really an Independent, and once again contemplated a third party run for the presidency.

I had assumed Trump had contributed heavily to the Senate campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, and even invited the Clintons to his last wedding in 2005, as the price of doing business in New York. But, now, after looking into his record a little more closely, I’m not so sure. Today, he claims to be a Republican. And by today, I mean today, not necessarily tomorrow.

As for the issues, he sided with the liberals, both on and off the Supreme Court, when it came to the Kelo vs. City of New London decision, which gave municipalities the right to take one man’s property and hand it over to another man if they believed it would lead to increased property taxes. The typical 5-4 decision gave a new and terrible meaning to eminent domain.

It wasn’t that long ago that Trump endorsed a massive surtax on the rich, which called for a one-time 14.25% tax on fortunes exceeding $10 million, but he now claims he wants the top rate cut in half.

He was for single payer health care, which even Obama balked at pressing for, but Trump now claims he opposes ObamaCare.

It’s ironic that many of the same people now pushing Trump to the top in GOP polls hated Mitt Romney simply because he signed a liberal health care bill pushed by the left-wing legislature in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

With less than 18 months to go before he has to head off into the sunset, we can expect Obama to speed up the release of Gitmo terrorists. My own suggestion is to turn the whole place over to Cuba. The Castro brothers have shown they know how to deal with those they view as troublemakers. In the past, those have been teachers, journalists, homosexuals and anyone who dared speak out on behalf of freedom. It would make for a nice change if those they dealt with, as only they know how, were actual villains.

Finally, a friend of mine, Missouri’s favorite son Richard Ryan dropped me a note wondering whether, if Bruce Jenner ever goes missing, his picture will appear on a carton of half & half.