burt_small.thumbnailMartin McNally recently laid claim to the title of America’s Biggest Wuss when he apologized for suggesting that all lives matter and not just black ones. What he might have pointed out to the black thugs booing his comment was that black lives apparently only have value when they’re ended by cops. They certainly don’t seem to matter, judging by the response of race pimps like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Marilyn Mosby, when it comes to the thousands of black people shot and killed by other black people or to the hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted every year.

It doesn’t say much about all those black Americans who take to the streets every time a black criminal is killed by a cop doing his job, but they never seem to notice or to give a damn that 501 black babies are aborted for every thousand who are allowed to live.

But blacks aren’t the only people who go through life wearing moral blinders. For instance, if I happen to know that when John Kerry was working on the nuclear agreement with Iran, he was sitting across the table from his very good friend Mohammad Javad Zarif, I have to assume that Obama, Biden and a great many senators, were also aware of it.

Apparently, Kerry and Zarif first hit it off when they met at a cocktail party hosted by the swinish George Soros at his New York penthouse a dozen years ago. It seems the two schmucks are so tight that Zarif’s son served as best man when Kerry’s daughter, Vanessa, tied the knot with an Iranian-American named Behrouz Vala Nahed, in 2009.

While I’m divulging backgrounds, it might be worth mentioning that Cecile Richards, 57, the president of Planned Parenthood, is the daughter of the former governor of Texas, Ann Richards. During her checkered past, she was the deputy chief of staff for Nancy Pelosi, and founded the Texas Freedom Network, an organization formed to oppose the Christian right. To me, the only surprise is that the woman who oversees the largest abortion mill in the world is not only married, but is the mother of three.

It’s no surprise, though, that her husband, Kirk Adams, is an executive with the Service Employees International Union. In checking up on him, I discovered he is one of 15 SEIU officials pulling down between $165,000 and $333,000-a- year. That works out to nearly $1,600-an-hour. I only mention that because people like Adams, Obama and Mrs. Clinton, are always going on about how much money corporate officers earn compared to the salaries of their employees. Well, how do you think $1,600-an-hour for the fat cats compares to what the janitors and security guards, whose union dues pay their salaries, are making?

Some of my readers have leapt to the defense of Donald Trump by insisting that the reason John McCain was shot down in Vietnam was because he had screwed up. If so, I’d suggest he couldn’t have been the only POW who did. But so far as I know, he was apparently the only one offered his freedom and the only one who turned it down because he refused to leave his men behind.

On the other hand, I resented that as a senator McCain used his status to oppose enhanced interrogation. If he couldn’t tell the difference between having his bones broken just for the hell of it and waterboarding jihadists in order to gather information that could prevent another 9/11 or lead to the capture of Osama bin Laden, he’s a fool. A fool, I’d suggest, just like the former president of Mexico, who compared a fence at the border with the Berlin Wall. Because he was so morally myopic, he couldn’t tell the difference between a wall erected to keep illegals out and one built to keep East Germans in.

Speaking of the border, someone sent me an email showing illegal aliens sneaking into the U.S. with a caption that read “Dear Mr. President, if 11 million illegals will help the U.S. economy, why didn’t they help the Mexican economy before they left?” I wrote back to say, they did help the Mexican economy…by leaving.

A friend sent me a copy of a letter that a father in Israel wrote to his two children, both of whom were considering attending college in America. He was warning them that they would likely face a great deal of antiSemitism.

Considering how widespread the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement has become — particularly among college bureaucrats and liberal arts professors — any Israeli parent who failed to follow his lead would be guilty of child abuse. The sole purpose of the vile movement is to paint Israel as a modern Nazi state, while portraying the Palestinians, who elected Hamas terrorists to lead them, as the good guys in the endless conflict.

In my response, I told the Israeli something he might not be aware of; namely, that on many American campuses, the movement is being led by Jewish students. These young imbeciles have been so completely brainwashed by their left-wing, addle-headed, professors that they’re now convinced that down is up, left is right and bad is good, just like those dupes whose brains had been sautéed by Big Brother in Orwell’s “1984.”

I say shame on the parents who have stood idly by while their kids were being transformed into useful idiots for Islam, just like their grandparents and great-grandparents, who played the same shameful role on behalf of Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Finally, I’ll close with a couple of lines written by the poet John Milton back in the 17th century. “None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license.” He could be addressing the advocates of Planned Parenthood, summing up in 15 carefully chosen words the moral case against those who insist that somehow women’s health requires murdering a million babies a year.

In “Paradise Lost,” Milton had Satan, the fallen angel, explain his motivation this way: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” self-defining words that might have been uttered by every tyrant down through the ages, including the one whose rump is currently perched in the Oval Office.