LA Times

President Obama cited free-market principles in making the case for alternative energy Monday night, speaking on a day when his administration also announced new government support for clean-energy industries.

Stop right there, Barry. Government “support” isn’t part of the free market. Forcing taxpayers to subsidize technology that can’t otherwise pay its way is a distortion of the market.

In remarks to the National Clean Energy Summit, which included solar entrepreneurs, Obama mocked “fossil fuel interests” and old-guard businesses for breaking with their free-market arguments and opposing the new competition from alternative energy.

“Pushing for new laws to roll back renewable energy standards … that’s a problem,” Obama said. “That’s not progress, that’s not innovation. That’s trying to protect old ways of doing business.

Americans are choosing wind and solar “not because they’re tree huggers, but because they’re cost-cutters,” he said. “They like saving money.”

Is Obama really this clueless? It doesn’t really matter because plenty who listen to him clearly are.