burt_small.thumbnailAs you may have heard, the EPA dumped three million gallons of toxic acid and arsenic-contaminated mining sludge into the Animas River near Durango, Colorado. At first, it seemed to be an unfortunate accident caused by someone on a tractor with a claw that punched a hole in a dam containing the waste in a mining holding pond. But, now it seems there may be evidence that the agency did it intentionally in order to federalize the area, shut down the mines and prevent future development from taking place. They might consider a name change to the River Styx.

One would have to be pretty cynical to imagine that a federal agency would risk befouling the Columbia River and with it the drinking water of people in Nevada, California and New Mexico. On the other hand, one would have to be pretty gullible to imagine there are any lengths that Obama and his toadies at the EPA wouldn’t go in order to place the entire country at the mercy of the well-heeled environmental fascists.

Once the word got out, Gina McCarthy, the head of the EPA, almost immediately announced that the mess had already been cleaned up. I’m still chuckling. Can you imagine what the response of Ms. McCarthy would be if you or your company announced, within a few short days of spewing three million gallons of arsenic and other pollutants into a river, that we can all get on with our business; nothing to see here, folks?

A recent poll revealed that although 52% of us think Hillary Clinton’s emails should be subject to a criminal investigation, 41% disagree. Who are these knuckleheads who believe that Mrs. Clinton shouldn’t be subject to the same laws as you, I and General Petraeus? As for the 7% who didn’t respond either way, one can only assume they asked what email is.

I suppose the 41% who sprang to Mrs. Clinton’s defense shouldn’t shock me. After all, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist, VT) told a huge crowd that his campaign is a revolution and that, furthermore, “This revolution is about transforming the United States of America.” The scary part is that the line drew thunderous applause. I guess Obama’s radical transformation of America wasn’t quite enough for these bozos. After all, the U.S. is still functioning, sort of.

In Ferguson, MO, a small group of Oath Keepers showed up to protect the police from the mob. I don’t know how the cops felt about it, but the city fathers didn’t welcome them with open arms because, as is often the case, the politicians are more concerned with the comfort of the thugs than the safety of the cops. The Oath Keepers were told that their presence might inflame the mob. But aren’t mobs, by definition, already inflamed? And wouldn’t they otherwise be referred to as groups or clubs or fraternal organizations?

Although I feel free to comment about municipal pigsties, I live in Los Angeles, California, so I’m hardly in a position to cast stones. This is the place where a great many homes have fireplaces for no other reason than that realtors in the 30s thought eastern transplants would miss them, but they are rarely, if ever, used. In fact, if you ever tried starting a fire, so much flammable material in the form of dust and leaves will have collected in the chimney, you’d probably burn the house down. That, come to think of it, is pretty much what Gov. Jerry Brown and his liberal cohorts in Sacramento have done to the state.

L.A. is also the place where 98 wealthy Jews, including architect Frank Gehry; real estate billionaire Eli Broad; “Mad Man” creator Matthew Weiner; film producer Mike Medavoy; executive producer of “Game of Thrones” Carolyn Strauss; and Norman (“All in the Family”) Lear, all signed an open letter calling on Congress to sign the nuclear agreement with Iran. These lunatics had the chutzpah to identify themselves as “American Jewish Supporters of Israel.”

I say “chutzpah” because an American Jew would have to possess unlimited gall to oppose the position taken by the two Israeli leaders who recently faced off in a national election, Benjamin Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog, both of whom have described the deal in existential terms.

Unfortunately, it would never occur to these bozos that those living in the shadow of a nuclear-armed Iran just might have a better take on the situation than those hunkered down in their Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Bel Air, mansions.

Donald Trump recently acknowledged that he had played a round of golf with Rand Paul. Frankly, I’m surprised that there was room on a single green to accommodate those two massive egos. Trump reported that Sen. Paul is a lousy golfer and that Trump easily defeated him.

Rand Paul, showing himself to be a bad loser, insisted that he only lost because they were playing on one of Trump’s own courses. Trump, proving that he is an equally bad winner, then responded by advising Kentucky voters not to re-elect Paul to the Senate.

Isn’t there an adult in the vicinity who can tell these two spoiled brats to go their separate ways if they can’t learn to play nicely together?

It occurred to me recently that, although we don’t get a salary or collect a pension, we are all civil servants because, thanks to taxes and the soaring national debt, we all wind up working for the federal government. And I say it’s high time we went on strike.

Finally, I was sent a picture of a sign identifying the facility behind the barbed wire fence as the U.S. Dept. of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons. Under those words, jolly prankster Josh Donoho had photo-shopped a Clinton bumper sticker reading: Ready for Hillary.