John Sunnunu

Fresh off his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, a rested and ready Barack Obama set Air Force One on full throttle, flying off to Las Vegas last week to do something really important: Pick a fight with the Koch brothers. The backdrop may have been a clean energy summit starring Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, but the headlines were clear enough. This was about Obama demonizing his enemies.

On the surface, Obama’s announcement of billions of dollars in renewable energy subsidies—yes, the very loan guarantees that resulted in the $500 million bankruptcy of Solyndra Energy—looked like business as usual. What set the event apart was his attack on his opponents’ motives, and his calling out the Kochs by name.

Obama condemned fossil fuel interests and “the Koch brothers pushing for new laws to roll back renewable energy standards.” He characterized such efforts in the harshest terms possible: “That’s not the American way.” Opposing subsidies for geothermal energy is un-American? Really?