Never underestimate Democrats’ willingness to make everything a racial issue. The latest is climate change. Yep.

Clowns in the California legislature want to reduce to use of gasoline in the state by half in 15 years.

…Using less petroleum in transportation fuels saves money, creates jobs, and reduces pollution. Over 100,000 miles, a 40 mpg car saves $16,668 in fuel costs compared to a 15 mpg car over 100,000 miles (assuming $4/gallon fuel costs).

This bill seeks to reduce petroleum use by 50% by the year 2030. In a CARB analysis, one pathway towards this goal could include reducing growth in vehicle-miles traveled to 4%; increasing on-road fuel efficiency of cars to 35 mpg and heavy-duty trucks to 7 mpg; and at least doubling the use of alternative fuels such as biofuels, electricity, hydrogen, and renewable natural gas.

The list of alternative fuels are either non-existent (hydrogen cars?) or more expensive. Yet they claim this will create jobs and lead to prosperity. Electric cars use electricity generated somewhere out of sight, usually with fossil fuels.

The bill passed the Senate but is uncertain in the Assembly, so backers are playing the race card.

LA Times

The “wanted” poster with pictures of five state lawmakers appeared in the pages of a Spanish-language newspaper in Southern California last week.

“Would these politicians be willing to confront the petroleum industry and fight for Latino families?” the ad said in support of tougher environmental rules. “Help us make sure these elected politicians stay responsible to the community.”

The five are among the Latino or African American Democrats representing low-income districts who have not taken a side in the fierce tug of war over climate change measures that has been dominating the Capitol.

They represent places with perhaps the most at stake in California’s environmental policies — communities choked by pollution but wary of the higher costs that can come with new regulations.

Choked with pollution? Really?

Californians already pay a premium for gasoline, partly because it’s a closed market with no competition and partly because we pay a global warming tax of 10-15 cents/gallon. Take that, China! We’re showing you!

Every time we get a price spike (they’re a regular “feature” here) I think about how much this hurts the poor Latino gardeners driving to home after home, fueling their vehicles and lawn mowers with artificially expensive gasoline.

So much for looking out for the poor.

But gardeners face a bigger problem: the powers that be are paying home owners to rip out their lawns. No doubt, they figure this creates jobs.