Do you want people who cannot tell astrology from astronomy helping steer the nation? (Or a Veep who thought FDR was president in 1929 and went on TV to calm the public.)

But today’s topic is science and how dismal most citizens’ knowledge is.

Americans get a D in science.

So says the Pew Research Center, which issued a report Thursday on the state of the nation’s knowledge regarding some basic scientific facts.

The public opinion and research organization quizzed a representative sample of U.S. adults on geology, physics and astronomy, among other topics. Out of 12 questions, the test-takers answered 7.9 correctly, on average. That’s a score of 66%.

Only 6% of the 3,278 test-takers answered all 12 questions correctly. Twenty-six percent missed only one or two questions, and an additional 27% missed three or four.

At the other end of the spectrum, only 1% of those surveyed missed 11 of the questions, 2% missed 10 and 3% missed nine. (Want to see how you’d fare? Take the quiz here.)

You really should take the test before reading any further.

Citizens this clueless will fall for bogus climate “science” and whatever tripe is being peddled.