Los Angeles sidewalks are a scandal. Cracked and heaved, they’re dangerous. Not to mention an obvious violation of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Seriously, how is a wheelchair supposed to ride on that?

If it were a business, the location government would be coming down hard. But the government never punishes itself, just notes there’s a 30-year backlog of repairs.

So what do LA’s leaders do?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti convened this week’s summit of mayors from a dozen cities in the U.S. and China who have been negotiating agreements to team up in the fight against climate change.

Beijing and Los Angeles, for instance, are committing to cooperate on low-carbon urban planning, low-carbon transportation, environmental technology and economic development. L.A. also has worked out a deal with the Chinese city of Shenzhen on a low-carbon initiative in vehicle fleets, green buildings and renewable energy.

The summit was timed to provide a boost to a global drive to get world leaders to set ambitious goals for fighting climate change at a Paris summit in December. Obama and Xi came out with their joint plan last November.