A 42-year-old man looking to get out of a possible traffic ticket called 911 to report a fake shooting, but the 911 call was traced back to the driver. He still got the ticket, as well as a trip to jail, Gresham police say.

An officer pulled over Salvador Sanchez-Buenrostro around 12:55 a.m. alongĀ Northeast Kane Street near Olvera Court in Gresham for a traffic violation, police said. The officer soon discovered that Sanchez-Buenrostro’s license was suspended.

While the officer was away from the Sanchez-Buenrostro’s car to write a citation, the driver called 911 and reported a shooting on Southeast 190th Avenue and Stark Street, police said. The driver gave emergency dispatchers a fake name.

After the call was traced to the location of the traffic stop, the officer received the cellphone number the call was made from and determined it belonged to Sanchez-Buenrostro, police said. The driver later admitted to making the false report.