The blood wasn’t even cleaned up in Oregon after yesterday’s shooting before Obama jumped to his lectern to condemn too many guns in America. He admitted to politicizing a tragedy, but felt justified.

He compared us unfavorably to the UK, Australia which have solved the gun problem, he claimed. Of course neither of those nations has a 2nd Amendment nor a 1st Amendment.

But Obama’s gun outrage is selective. He didn’t run for the TV cameras when, as is far too common, multiple shootings took place in Chicago (a city with very stringent gun control laws) where black on black crime is rampant.

Nope, not a word about this:

Chicago’s bloody weekend spilled into the workweek, as 14 people were shot in the city over a 15-hour period from late Monday night to early Tuesday morning.

At least six people died. They included a pregnant woman and her mother, who were struck by a “barrage of bullets” in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, NBC Chicago reports. The woman’s 11-month-old child was also injured in the shooting, although he is expected to recover.

The city has been suffering a series of late-summer shootings. This week’s gun violence follows two weekends in a row during which more than 50 people were shot. According to the Chicago Tribune, that alarming statistic is a first since the paper began tracking shootings in the city four years ago.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel used the shootings to call for stricter gun control, which has been a central theme of his administration.