Was this a stealth attack by Hillary, hoping her book would put the GOP field asleep?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent a signed copy of her memoir Hard Choices to several of the major Republican presidential candidates. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul responded by signing the book with a message for Clinton and auctioning the memoir on eBay.

“Hillary, you refused to provide security for our mission in Benghazi,” Paul wrote. “Should forever preclude you from higher office! Rand Paul.”

The book signed by Paul and Clinton has already received several bids online, in excess of $300 as of press time.

Clinton first delivered the book to the presidential candidates with a letter stating that she thought the candidates may want to read the book since they had questioned her record during the most recent presidential debate.

“Hard Choices” is a choice title for the candidate who, fearing the nutty lefties in her party who are getting a tingle for Bernie Sanders, has been repudiating prior positions willy-nilly.

Just yesterday she came out against the trade deal she championed 47 times before. For someone who can switch sides so readily, how can there be anything like a “hard choice”?