Consider the “scandals” the Democrats summoned during Dubya’s time in office. There was the firing of eight US Attorneys, whom are all political appointees. Bill Clinton fired all 93 upon taking office and no one made a peep. Then there was the phony Valerie Plame affair with its special prosecutor etc.

So its amusing to see them cry foul over Benghazi.

S.E. Cupp:

On Jan 7, 2007, then-Sen. Joe Biden announced he was running for President. The next day, he announced the schedule for the hearings to investigate the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq War, conducted by the Foreign Relations Committee that just happened to include two other Democrats with presidential ambitions, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama.

The timing of these hearings was purely coincidental, I’m sure.

At least, you have to assume Democrats would say so. Otherwise, why the indignant outrage and melodramatic gasps at the “partisan” and “political” nature of the Benghazi hearings, which ramp up Thursday with Hillary Clinton’s testimony?

Democrats have been naked in their affinity for making partisan politics out of the supposedly apolitical, whether the issue is mass shootings, torture or the Iraq War. Complaints from Democrats about the number of Benghazi hearings are almost comical when one remembers that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent out a press release in 2007 on the “71 hearings already held on issues related to Iraq War.” She was bragging, not complaining.

Since we’re all adults here, let’s be honest with one another. Of course there’s an element of the political to these hearings, as there was to the Iraq hearings. Both occurred during the run-up to presidential elections, both involved themes that were central to the opposing party’s campaign messages and both featured presidential players. And to boot, this one has a Clinton at its center, and she is as much a creation of partisan politics as she is proponent of them. She was kind to remind us of this at the Democratic debate, where she volunteered “Republicans” as the enemy she’s most proud to have made.