First it was Marco Rubio’s driving record, which turned out to be okay. Now it’s his finances, which are a bit messy, but similar to manyt Americans.

“He is a disaster with his credit cards,” declared Donald Trump, who is familiar with business bankruptcy law. Mr. Rubio’s finances show he is a “risky bet,” explained a leaked campaign memo from Jeb Bush, who began at the elite Phillips Academy boarding school, ended on Wall Street and is worth as much as $22 million. “What is he hiding?” demanded a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, who is an expert in cattle futures, and who leveraged the entire U.S. government to fund raise for her family “charity.”

Yes, novice investor Hillary parlayed $1,000 into $100,000 in a single year by investing in cattle futures.

Trump’s bankruptcies cost somebody serious money. He can say it was just banks, but many Americans own mutual funds with shares in banks.