From a letter published in today’s LA Times

If only the climate change summit underway in Paris were to lead to the most direly needed global accord: recognition that our planet has a finite carrying capacity for humans, with agreement on how and when to bring our numbers within environmentally sustainable limits.

First, Kendra should read the three-part series in the WSJ entitled “2050”. In fact, global population growth has already peaked and labor shortages are in the future.

Equitable considerations that impede climate change consensus are daunting enough, but the overarching problem of population control presents even more intractable issues. Rank historical injustices — including land grabs, enslavement and genocidal rampages — demand but defy resolution. And then there are the religion-based notions of entitlements to reproduce disproportionately.

Kendra is no doubt oblivious to the fascist undertones to her argument. Who decides what “environmentally sustainable limits” are? Who decides who is reproducing “disproportionately”?

Even as the need for worldwide population planning becomes ever more urgent, most leaders prefer to ignore the problem. It’s far more politically palatable to endure environmental degradation, fight endless wars and suffer famine and disease.

Kendra [surname and city omitted]

“Worldwide population planning” by whom? Enforced by what? Abortion? Fines?

We need not speculate because Asia has shown us what happens.

SEOUL—A cultural preference for male children has cost Asia dearly. Count up all the girls who were never born because of selective abortion, victims of infanticide and females who died from neglect and there are upwards of 100 million women missing on the continent today by some estimates.

Not just a human-rights catastrophe, it is also a looming demographic disaster. With Asian birthrates already plummeting, that is tens of millions of women who will never be mothers. The economic and social impact on some of the world’s largest countries is incalculable.