Liz Shield at PJ Media

While we hear more grandstanding about the need for more gun control, keep in mind all the current laws that were broken to execute this violent massacre:

  • The shooters used weapons they did not purchase (sounds like a straw purchase or illegal transfer).
  • The shooters modified guns to accept high-capacity magazines.
  • The shooters modified guns for automatic fire.

Can anyone think of a law we could put in place that these homicidal maniacs, or any criminal or homicidal maniac, would follow? I can’t.

And because the media is so stupid about guns, they don’t know that the firearm laws pertain not just to purchases but also to the way a gun is used. That is an inconvenient pill to swallow for the gun grabbers because if they consider the way firearms are used, the focus turns to the person using the gun and not the gun itself.

Their propaganda is designed to demonize the gun, not to look at the people who are misusing firearms. They don’t want you to ask questions like “What’s going on in the inner cities of Chicago?” Instead they want you to say “Look what guns are doing to the inner cities of Chicago!”