For weeks the LA Times ran story after tiresome story about the lack of diversity in the Oscars. Racial and ethnic bean-counting is now a major part of the LA Times coverage of SoCal. But intellectual diversity is never mentioned.

To my knowledge, the LAT never wrote a word about a disturbing event at Cal State Los Angeles last week. The video of Shapiro’s speech follows a set up from his post on Breitbart.

Several weeks ago, Young America’s Foundation announced that I would be touring the country speaking to college students with the Fred R. Allen lecture series. The first campus scheduled, thanks to the hard work of young YAF volunteers, was California State University in Los Angeles.

As Breitbart News reported, the consternation from the left was vociferous:

Professor Robert Weide threatened to wrestle students for sponsoring the event, and Black Lives Matter activist Professor Melina Abdullah, who took to Facebook to complain, “I say this event is a problem…What we go’n do y’all?!?!” One of the commenters, Ruben Martin, replied, “You want I should hoiwt’em bwoss? I’s got a fews ideas me n’d’fellas been kickin ‘round. Only ting iz he won’t be talking or lookin so nice no more. We’ll take the cannolies…” CSULA students have said the event poses a “threat to their lives” and is “damaging to their mental health.”

On the Monday before the event, the president of the university, William Covino, told YAF that he had cancelled the event:

After careful consideration, I have decided that it will be best for our campus community if we reschedule Ben Shapiro’s appearance for a later date, so that we can arrange for him to appear as part of a group of speakers with differing viewpoints on diversity. Such an event will better represent our university’s dedication to the free exchange of ideas and the value of considering multiple viewpoints.

Shutting down a conservative event in the name of diversity and free speech. Typical. And this followed the university illegally attempting to force the YAF students to pay for security thanks to their viewpoint.