Bernie Sanders:

“I happen to believe — and I know not everybody agrees with me — I believe that health care is a right of all people.”

Let’s follow the logic.

  • You cannot be healthy without food
  • You cannot be healthy without shelter
  • You cannot be healthy without clothes on your back

So a “right” to healthcare ultimately means a right to a free living.

But let’s press on with Sanders’s progressive logic. Brett Baier asked him where the right comes from.

Being a human being. ┬áBeing a human being. And what I believe, Bret — and you may disagree with me — I believe that if she is poor and you are rich, she is entitled to the same quality health care you have, because she’s a human being.

So, not just health care, but the same quality health care. Follow up questions:

  • Does this apply only to human beings living in the USA?
  • If not, why does the human right end at our border? Are not foreigners just as human as us?
  • Given that the USA has 319 million people out of nearly 7 billion, many of them desperately poor by our standards, how can we equalize the quality? Take healthcare dollars from Americans and spend them on others? Find a pot of money at the end of a rainbow