In 2011, a group of loudmouth “Occupy Wall Street” twerps refused to clear a sidewalk on the UC Davis campus. So a campus cop gassed them with pepper spray. This was blown in a big deal as the photo went viral.

Bad PR, so Linda Katehi, the UC Chancellor spent $175,000 to rig search engine results to scrub the school’s reputation.

Let’s pause to remember Ms Linda Katehi is the “public servant” earning a salary of $424,000 (Chief Justice John Roberts gets $281,000) who felt the need to moonlight–$70,000 from DeVry University and another $140,000 per year from a textbook publisher.

She has since apologized, blah blah blah. To date, no students have occupied her offices, although getting gouged on tuition and overpriced textbooks provides every reason to do so.

Beyond her personal scummyness, consider misspent funds:

Katehi’s tenure, the university increased its communications budget by $1.6 million, including $800,000 allocated for new and existing employees to work on social media, Web development, videography and news. The school also paid $1 million for a statewide advertising campaign highlighting its contributions to California agriculture, she said.

One final note: the campus cop who did the spraying lost his job, but not before collecting $38,055 in workers’ compensation after claiming he suffered depression and anxiety as a result of the public outcry.