This is what you get when you elect someone just because he’s handsome/cool. Anthony Furey in the Toronto Sun

Where exactly do we begin here? It was quite a week for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At least we no longer have to keep asking “How much longer will this honeymoon period continue?”

But now the question becomes: “How much worse will things get?”

This is the problem with placing public figures on a pedestal and treating them as untouchable. They soar pretty high. It’s a nice perch to look down from while you’re up there. But the higher they go, the further they have to fall.

This is certainly the case with Trudeau now. I wrote back in the fall that voters might want to think twice before handing over the keys to a G8 nation to someone whose pre-Parliament resume consists mostly of dropping out of grad school multiple times.

But the Liberal campaign convinced the people – and the people clearly wanted to be convinced – that their “JFK does reality TV” leader was going to transcend politics as we knew it. Good luck delivering on that commitment.

I vividly remember TV footage of people jumping up and down crying in the streets in elation over the election of Barack Obama. You almost had to feel bad for the guy. There was no way he wasn’t going to let them down.

Trudeau had a terrible run of things last week, which cumulatively marked the beginning of his return to Earth. It began with the public still fiercely debating whether or not taxpayers who have no domestic help and make substantially less than the Trudeaus should have to pay for Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau to have yet another helper or two in addition to her current retinue. While public opinion was divided, the Trudeaus no doubt lost more supporters than they gained.