The President and the NYT editorial board, among others, claim that a “culture of hate” toward gays was a prime cause for the Orlando massacre. Islam? Hardly mentioned, if at all.

Oh, never say that. Never note that many Muslims consider homosexuality a sin worthy of death– that’s hate speech.

See how weird things have gotten?

Meanwhile, there have been 269 gun murders in Chicago to date in 2016–over five times the number killed in Orlando. Crime rates have shot up nationwide since 2015, with murders increasing by the largest amount in 25 years.

Could it be an actual “culture of hate” toward police created by Black Lives Matter and its media chorus? Liberals have scoffed at the Ferguson effect, but now a DOJ study confirms it.

A new justice department-funded study concludes that a version of the so-called “Ferguson Effect” is a “plausible” explanation for the spike in violent crime seen in most of the country’s largest cities in 2015, but cautions that more research is still needed.

The study, released by the National Institute of Justice on Wednesday, suggests three possible drivers for the more than 16% spike in homicide from 2014 to 2015 in 56 of the nation’s largest cities. But based on the timing of the increase, University of Missouri St Louis criminologist Richard Rosenfeld concluded, there is “stronger support” for some version of the Ferguson Effect hypothesis than its alternatives.

“The other explanations have a difficult time … explaining the timing and magnitude of the increase we saw in 2015 and continue to see in some cities in the current year,” Rosenfeld said.

The new research cuts against months of statements from Obama administration officials denying that there is any evidence for a Ferguson Effect, a suggested link between protests over police killings of black Americans and an increase in crime and murder.

“While certainly there might be anecdotal evidence there, as all have noted, there’s no data to support it,” attorney general Loretta Lynch said in November.

Black and white facts matter, Loretta.