How much more controversial a figure is Alex Jones compared to, say . . . Jeremiah Wright? Or William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn? (I mean, Alex Jones is just a verbal bomb-thrower.)

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CNN finds new levels of stupidity. Hey, maybe a black hole made them shoot the place up.

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Obama and the media mocked Mitt Romney for his comments on Mali and Russia. He was right. And Obama was lying about AQ being on the run.

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The Pussycat shrieks

ANTALYA, Turkey (AP) — President Barack Obama is sending a message to critics he says “pop off” with their opinions about the U.S. campaign against the Islamic State. He says they should present a specific plan. And if his critics think their...

Our age of fable

Victor Davis Hanson We live in a weary age of fable. The latest Hollywood mythology is entitled Truth. But the film is actually a fictionalized story about how CBS News super-anchor Dan Rather and his 60 Minutes producer supposedly were railroaded by corporate and...