Our national debates about racial preferences tend to focus on their legality, not whether they work as intended. Yet both are important.

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Faint, there’s a confederate flag!

LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — The image of a Confederate flag displayed on a semitrailer on University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s grounds has stirred up a debate on campus. The symbol was reportedly on the grille of the semitrailer parked on the student center...

As they start to see the gulf between their own performance and that of most of their fellow students, dismay can become despair. They soon realize that no matter how hard they work, they will struggle academically.

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…journalists were welcome to cover the event if they agreed to explicitly state they supported the movement in their articles.

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Time to fire the fools in charge

Once you could study in the college library in silence. Now you must suffer chants of “F*ck you, you filthy white f*uck!” Alex Griswold at MediaIte After protesters disrupted students studying in the school library Thursday¬†with racist chants and...