While millions of refugees seek the basics of a good life, others are busy looking for ways to have their tender feelings hurt.

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I’d rather have them on Facebook than on my street corner.

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Cheer up, everybody

Have you noticed how gloomy progressives can be? Nothing is ever fine. There’s always some injustice to spoil the day. (Conservatives can be sour, too, but it’s usually over being pushed around by aggressive progressives.) At dinner with friends, someone...

Yes, we’d love to follow you with flashing cameras and adoring fans if you want to be treated like an A-lister.

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Shirley, you jest

Marking the 35th anniversary of the movie Airplane! David Mermelstein argues it was the best that Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker made. I say it was Top Secret, a cross between Casablanca and an Elvis movie. That aside, it’s interesting to learn the inspiration for...